Dempsey's Grill




Gibson’s got it all – beautiful house, great girlfriend, steady teaching job.
But when Gibson’s world comes crashing down, losing his job and getting dumped on the same day, he’s forced to go crawling home to Eugene, Oregon. At least Mom’s happy to see him. His very successful realtor sister, Hope is not impressed and makes it clear he needs to land another job, and soon!
Dempsey, Gibson’s best friend from high school, arrives with promises of ‘the opportunity of a lifetime’. Dempsey wants to open a restaurant. But Dempsey’s dreams are always that – dreams. And Gibson’s not eager to get involved in yet another doomed venture.
Until Gibson’s childhood sweetheart, Gail shows up. Life hasn’t been easy on Gail. She’s trying to manage a long-distance relationship and save money to get out of Eugene once and for all. But she’s willing to take a chance on Dempsey, if Gibson is.
What starts out as a wild dream, a desperate plan and a dare, soon takes on a life of its own.
With Hope’s help, the trio of misfits finds the perfect spot for the restaurant. With Dempsey’s connections, Gail’s organizational skills, and Gibson’s hard work, their shared vision starts coming to life.
But as the grand opening approaches, each must face unresolved issues from their past. Can they pull together and grow beyond their previous failures, or will they give up their dreams to do the safe and responsible thing?