Bryan Fagan is a former Chevy Chevette owner, a culinary arts degree holder and a one-time journalist. Although he enjoys writing stories, he wasn’t crazy writing about other people’s adventures.
Bryan grew up in Burlington, Washington by his grandparents, Helen and Joe Fagan, where he became a diehard Husky fan from birth. His grandfather ran a steel mill in Skagit County while his grandmother took care of the home. She was the only person who could make his grandfather behave.
As a young boy, Bryan enjoyed playing with his dog, Copper, improving his skills at lawn darts and waving at the caboose. Because everyone knows if you don’t wave at the caboose, the train will be sad. Aunt Betty wouldn’t lie.
He moved to Eugene, Oregon after graduating from Southern Oregon University in Ashland. It was there he met his wife of over twenty-five years. It was in Eugene where he dabbled in short stories and attempted a couple of failed novels.
He credits his daughters and his wife for challenging him to write a book that people would enjoy.
When he’s not writing, he’s watching football in the fall, eating pizza on Sundays, he loves them all, and exploring used bookstores.
His adventures in life have allowed him to create funny and loving characters that he hopes you will enjoy with his first novel, Dempsey’s Grill. He has plans for as many future novels, as he has fingers. He does possess all his digits.
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